Fence rental Finland

Short- and long term rental. 
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Rental company with installation services

We rent a variety of products for construction sites, festivals, customer and public events, hotels, restaurants, cities and municipalities. The Navy, the Defense Forces, embassies, cities and municipalities, security companies of all sizes, security companies, film and TV productions, event organizers and promotion agencies work with us

Several fence models, several kilometers

Take a look at our rental products menu and contact us. Construction site fencing, tractor ATV rentals. Rent of red carpets. There are many different types of fence models in our range. Our fence renting concept covers short-term and long-term rental of site, access control, pressure and heavy barrier fences. We specialize in crowd control, area delimitation and closure. We have several kilometers of different types of fences. 

A wide selection of different products

Our business area is the whole of Finland. Our range includes access control fences (also known as riot or vepe fences) as well as road site fences and traditional festival and site fences. Our products can protect areas from unauthorized access, and limit and control access to desired areas. Various fence models can provide solutions for customer and audience access control, fencing, exhibition halls, vip or work space, government visits, sports competitions and public events, as well as various construction sites. We rent flagpoles 7 meters high with a removable concrete pedestal. Leased flagpoles and concrete mounting elements are manufactured in Finland.

Event equipment rental in Finland

Event equipment rental and event / construction fence rental in Finland
Please call +358 40 657 11 00