Honda 300 CRF Dirt Bike rental
Honda 300 CRF Dirtbike rental
Off Road motorbike rental Finland
Enduro, Off road bikes and ATV rental Finland
Hondas for rent are model year 2023 and newer 
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Honda enduro motorcycle rental Finland

Dirt bike rental from Caasila as well 
Honda CRF Enduro motorbike rental
Off Road motorbike rental Finland
 We rent registered Honda CRF 300 dirtbikes
Hondas for rent are model year 2023 and newer

Honda CRF Short and long-term rentals Finland

Honda CRF motorcycle rental. 
You can also rent Polaris ATVs from us, several different models Please Contact us:
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Our motorcycles for rent are registered for road traffic

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Honda CRF Dirt bike rental Finland
Please contact +358 40 657 11 00

Honda CRF Dirt bike rental Finland

Now for rent Honda CRF300 Rally motorcycles: 
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The Honda CRF300 Rally is a completely new Honda model. In this new Honda CRF model, almost all areas of the motorcycle have been updated. More power, more torque and less weight is the concept that leads to a good result. 
If you add the updated shock absorption, improved ground clearance, slip clutch and new ergonomics, 
it can be said that the CRF300 Rally really is a completely new Honda! 
Engine - The power of the 286 cc engine has increased by 10% and the torque by more than 18%! 
Gearbox transmissions are better suited for the purpose of use. The slip clutch assistant system reduces the pressing force required for the handle. The engine's peak power is now 20.1 kW. There is torque, and power and torque are at the driver's disposal throughout the entire rpm range.

The front brake has a large 256 mm gingerbread disc and a 2-piston caliper. The rear brake uses an integrated caliper familiar from Honda's CRF racing models and a 220 mm disc. A 2-channel ABS brake is of course standard equipment. The rims are very light and the tires have a rough texture suitable for enduro riding. Design and equipment Narrow and light covers inspired by Honda's CRF450R Rally desert racer. Large 12.8 liter fuel tank. The longer saddle has a rubber attachment and the seat height is 10 mm lower. Improved driving position. New easy-to-read instrument cluster. The Honda CRF 300 model has a fuel tank of no less than 12.8 liters.

The new LED headlight and instrument cluster are "floatingly" mounted, giving the bow a distinctive light look. The handlebar is slightly further back than before, and the footpegs are both lower and further back than before. The driving position has thus been made to better meet the requirements of off-road driving. The seat height is 10 mm lower, which, together with the narrowed waistline, makes it easier for shorter drivers. Hand guards are standard equipment, as is highly protective bottom armor. The LCD instrument panel has large numbers and is easy to read. In addition to the speed, the driver's view also has a gear display, fuel consumption, average speed, a stopwatch and rpm displays.

Dirt bike hire from Caasila as well
Honda CRF Enduro motorbike hire
Off Road motorbike hire Finland
We rent registered Honda CRF 300 dirtbikes
Hondas for hire are model year 2023 and newer

Displacement: 286 cc
Wet weight: 306 lbs
Seat height: 34.7 inches
Gear box: 6 speed
Fuel capacity: 2.1 gals