CAASILA EVENT MANAGEMENT is your strategic, creative partner for event planning and implementation.

We co-operate with Companies in need to create unforgettable events and tours for their important customers, partners and VIP -guests.

From indoor to outdoor events, CAASILA EVENT designs, fabricates and installs your entire event needs.

Making an ordinary event truly unique and unforgettable requires more than just execution. We provide complete logistic support including venue / site selection, program, presenters, bands, hosts, catering, furniture, decoration, accommodations, transfers, security, stage, electrical needs, technical needs, crowd control, giveaways / corporate gifts, and anything else that goes into planning going thru until the implementation of an event or presentation / event tour.

Our design team and construction staff creates your vision from sketch phase to custom fabrication and final execution.

We travel for in-person meetings, share concepts and designs digitally throughout the process, as well as deliver and install to locations all over the world 

For further information please contact:

puh.  0401 425 700
tel.    +358 401 425 700

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